Old Millers'

Revitalizing the market leader brand for gluten-free products after three decades.

Old Millers’ story began nearly 30 years ago when the youngest child in the family was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, so they began experimenting with the ingredients they found. Today, they are the leading distributor in the gluten-free flour and bakery market in Hungary. Before opening their first franchise stores, I created a new direction and strategy for the brand.

  • Project by
  • DekoRatio
  • Strategy, Copywriting
  • Noemi Pifko
  • Design
  • Szani Mészáros
  • Photography
  • Kevin Harald Campean
A gluten-free diet is not just about giving up, it is an opportunity for a healthy and happy life.

After researching the available information on gluten intolerance, I realised that the majority of the websites paint a quite negative picture in the user’s mind. They often use the words “disease”, “suffering” and “patient” according to people who have gluten intolerance. My goal with the new brand strategy was to radically change this negative, disease-centered approach.

Brand concept
The best ideas are born when something restricts us. Because these barriers stimulate our creativity.

I’ve built the new brand concept around the idea that any obstacle can be a springboard, if you look at it the right way. Because everything that we can’t easily solve will encourage us to be more creative and ingenious. That’s why a gluten-free diet opens up a whole new world for you.

Our goal is to make your gluten-free diet the beginning of an exciting, creative, new era for you.
Brand values
We're not to simply replacing
the foods containing gluten.
We're helping you to create
something even better.
Old Millers'

Adhering to a gluten-free diet is a huge challenge every day. However, this diet is not just about lifelong renunciation. We believe that with the right ingredients, this is the beginning of an exciting, creative, new era for you. Because the best ideas are born when something restricts us.

Old Millers’ products are designed to not only replace gluten-containing foods but to help you create something even better. You can learn about new ingredients and cooking techniques, collect recipes, and be more confident in the kitchen. With Old Miller’s products, you don’t have to give up anything to have a healthy and balanced life.