I am Noemi Pifko, branding & marketing specialist, copywriter.

Nearly half a decade ago I fell in love with branding and it has been my favourite thing ever since: building a unique concept then manifesting it into a full-blown brand strategy, website, marketing campaigns and other really fun stuff.

My approach is pretty straightforward. Your customers are clever and resourceful. Want to be around for a long time? Find your true purpose and build meaningful connections with them.

I’ve been a passionate copywriter since age 5. My skills developed tremendously since then, but my love of crafting words stayed exactly the same.

Currently, I’m Marketing Manager at Notch Communications in Manchester. I specialise in empowering ambitious businesses through smart branding and beautiful design.

There is a first time for everything.
My first preschool poem, which is
surprisingly dark, but at least it rhymes.
My first marketing degree and my first day
at DekoRatio Branding & Design Studio.
My first brand strategy, Facebook campaign,
and my first seemingly normal cat.
My first branding mini book and my first
publications in HVG and Branding Journal.
My first time working with you.