Finding a niche market for an innovative interior design studio.

Smart and productive workplace design was a relatively new field in the market when we started working together with Level Up. They were mostly focusing on residential and retail projects – like everyone else in the Hungarian interior design market. My aim was to give a completely new, laser-focused direction to the company and make them dominate this niche market.

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We are office design experts. The first interior design studio in Hungary dedicated to workplace design.

All over the world, more and more companies are recognizing the real impact that a people-centered, functional work environment has on productivity. LEVEL UP Office Design is the first ambassador of this approach in Hungary. We want to put an end to the boring office culture that is invisibly destroying motivation and productivity, and create inspiring work environments instead.

Sales pitch
Do you want your employees to be happier and more productive? We are here to help you.

We design workspaces that have the power to inspire and motivate them. Where they can learn and develop, and their loyalty increases tremendously. Whether it is a huge corporation or a small startup, we create an environment where your whole team performs better.

Work with us and discover what your company is made of.
Brand values
What do we stand for?

Our innovative design solutions will improve mood and productivity. With playful, interactive spaces we are increasing collaboration among team members.


We always find the golden line between aesthetics and functionality. For us, design is not the ultimate goal, it is a tool to achieve your long-term goals.


We are office design engineers. We only recommend solutions that will work. Besides the visuals, we provide you with detailed, thorough plans for construction.


We provide a comfort level that relaxes and liberates your team. We’re not promoting laziness, we create a productive, work-friendly sense of comfort.