Redefining the cosmetology industry and building an exclusive franchise network.

The BEAUTIQUE® brand introduces a bright new concept to the Hungarian cosmetology market: precosmetology. They are the pioneers of luxury cosmetic treatments with cutting-edge technology and skincare products from Germany. Before opening their first flagship salon, I was responsible for the name, brand strategy, website copy, and b2b launch campaign.

  • Project by
  • DekoRatio
  • Strategy, Copywriting
  • Noemi Pifko
  • Design
  • Flora Seres
  • Campaigns
  • Noemi Pifko
To significantly differentiate
the brand, we created our own
beauty term: precosmetology.

Precosmetology is a revolutionary transition between traditional cosmetic treatments and drastic cosmetology methods. The treatments are based on 100% painless, state-of-the-art laser technology and focused application of innovative ingredients. It is for those who believe in innovation, are open to new things and desire more than a traditional, mediocre beauty treatment.

Brand concept
The beauty salon of the future, where treatments rely exclusively on cutting-edge laser technology and innovative active ingredients.

Trendy new cosmetic treatments are popping up on every corner, promising the results of invasive plastic surgeries. But most of them are based on traditional cosmetic procedures, which do not come close to the results they promise. The only way to make a real difference is by leaving behind the usual methods and following a revolutionary new approach. This is precosmetology.

Our treatments are extremely personalized: we treat every aesthetic problem of your skin simultaneously.

This way your treatment can be incredibly efficient and cost-effective. You don’t have to choose a separate set of treatments for pigment spots, wrinkles, and lifting. We assess the condition of your skin and then treat the various problems separately – during a single treatment.