Budapest Underguide

Rebranding launch campaign with the power of storytelling.

Budapest Underguide is the pioneer of Hungarian DMC’s and event organisers. They are offering the best in-house developed, unique experiences you can find in Budapest. After nearly two decades of dominating the market, they decided that it’s time for a complex, strategic rebranding. I created a storytelling teaser campaign and a launch campaign to introduce the new brand to the public.

  • Project by
  • DekoRatio
  • Copywriting
  • Noemi Pifko
  • Design
  • Szani Meszaros
  • Campaign management
  • Noemi Pifko


The final countdown - one story per day before revealing the new brand


“We were completely shocked when our Hotmail account (no website or anything else) started to receive tons of requests from foreign visitors. Based on their interests we’ve provided them with a „local hero” who knows everything and everyone. We still have no clue if our guest from was actually Sergey Brin or not. We realized the connection only a few months later, but we couldn’t reach him again.”

Launch campaign

Experience factory - you dream it, we design it.
The best souvenirs are made of memories.
Bring back a story, not a souvenir.